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AISC deierlein pdf free download

AISC deierlein pdf free download.Computer-Aided Design of Steel Structures with Flexible Connections.
Gregory G. Deierlein received his bachelor degree from Cornell University and his master’s degree from the University of California, at Berkeley. He received a Ph.D.in structural engineering from the University of Texas, at Austin and in 1988 he joined the faculty of Cor- nell University as an assistant professor. Deierlein has several years design experience in struc- tural steel, reinforced concrete, and composite structures. He worked with the firm of Leslie E. Robertson and Associates, P.C. in New York on the design of the 72-story Bank of China Building in Hong Kong, and on the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. Deierlein is a registered professional engineer and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Concrete Institute, Inter- national Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and the Structural Stability re- search Council.Shang-Hsien Hsieh is a graduate research assistant in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineer- ing at Cornell University. He received a bachelor of science de- gree in civil engineering from Na- tional Taiwan University in 1985 and a master of science degree from Cornell University in January 1990. Mr. Hsieh’s research for his master’s degree included develop- ment and implementation of the computer-aided analysis and design system for steel structures with semi-rigid connections. Mr. Hsieh is studying for Ph.D. at Cor- nell University in the area of parallel processing for nonlinear structural dynamics.Yi-Jiun Shen is a graduate re- search assistant in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineer- ing at Cornell University. She received her bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from the National Central University in Taiwan in 1985. Currently, Ms. Shen is studying for a master’s de- gree at Cornell University. Her re- search in involved with the application of interactive computer graphics for design studies of steel structures with semi-rigid connec- tions. Prior to her graduate study, Ms. Shen worked as a structural engineer at China Engineering Consultants, Inc. in Taiwan, where she was involved with the design of highway bridges, tunnels, tanks and drainage structures.This paper describes the development and application of a computer-aided system for including semi-rigid connection behavior in the analysis and design of three dimensional building frames. A key aspect of the proposed method is the introduction of a standardized connection model which facilitates the incorporation of semi-rigid connection behavior during the preliminary and final stages of design. The analytic formulation used for modelling connection response is based on a discrete nonlinear rotational spring which is implemented in a program for the analysis and design of three dimensional steel structures. The analysis is based on a finite element approach where the structure is discretized into 3-D inelastic beam-column line elements connected by either rigid or semi-rigid connections. The computer-aided analysis and design system utilizes interactive menu-driven graphics for definition of the structural geometry and properties, characterization of connection behavior, control of the analysis and design process, and display of structural response. AISC deierlein  pdf download.

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