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AISC Design Guide 1 pdf free download

AISC Design Guide 1 pdf free download.Revisions and Errata List AISC Steel Design Guide 1, 2 nd Edition, 2 nd printing (Printed Copy).
The following list represents corrections to the second printing (dated March 2010) of the second edition of AISC Design Guide 1, Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design. Page(s) Item 6 In the left column, third paragraph beginning with “The washer diameters shown in Table 2.3…,” the fourth sentence contains a reference to AISC Design Guide 7, but the reference should be to Design Guide 10. The corrected sentence should read, “The plate washer thicknesses shown in the table are similar to the recommendation in Section 4.2.5 of AISC Design Guide 10, that the minimum washer thickness be approximately 3 the anchor rod diameter.”29 The last word of the first incomplete paragraph should be “bending” rather than “shear.” The last sentence should read: “It is the authors’ opinion that the reduction is not required when AISC combined bending and shear checks are made on the anchor rods, and the resulting area of the anchor rod is 20% larger than the rod without bending.” 45 Replace the text in the left column, beginning with the last paragraph, as follows: By inspection, ½-in. plate washers will suffice even with minimal edge distance. Thus, the lever arm can be taken as half the distance from the center of the plate washer to the top of the grout. The plate washer is ½-in. thick, and the base plate is 1.25-in. thick (LRFD) and 1.00-in. thick (ASD), as determined in Example 4.5. AISC Design Guide 1  pdf download.

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