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AISC Design Guides-steelwise pdf free download

AISC Design Guides-steelwise pdf free download.Making Life a Little Easier.
T he AISC Steel Solutions Center answers thousands of technical questions every year concern- ing structural steel design and construction. For the most part, the questions are based on AISC Specifica- tion provisions or design recommenda- tions found in the AISC Manual. But then, there are a variety of questions with answers that can’t be found in those two important publications. Fortunately, AISC’s Design Guide pub- lications offer an abundance of design information on topics too broad for the Specification or Manual. Common design questions, such as how to account for shear in column anchorages, or when to use slip-critical bolted joints, are addressed in AISC design guides. AISC design guides provide compre- hensive guidance on specialized technical topics relevant to structural steel design, and they are authored by recognized indus- try experts. They can be ordered through the AISC web site at www.aisc.org/book- store, or by calling 800.644.2400. All AISC members have free access to AISC’s ePubs web site, www.aisc.org/epubs, where they can instantly download elec- tronic copies of AISC design guides any time, anywhere. A brief summary of each design guide follows.A second edition of Design Guide 1 is scheduled to be published later in 2005. It will address the new OSHA erection requirements that distinguish between posts and columns, as well as discuss base plate details pertaining to analysis assumptions of pin and fixed column anchorage, anchor rod pretension, contract documents, double-nutted anchorage con- figurations without grout and their design, regular and shear holes, fatigue, high-seis- mic design, applicable limit states, and base plate design examples. Design Guide 2: Steel and Composite Beams with Web Openings Design Guide 2 offers thorough guid- ance for the design of beams with circular or rectangular openings in their webs. Included in the design guide are LRFD and ASD design procedures for the effects of holes subjected to moment and/or shear. Most importantly, the guide covers design cases for both com- posite and non-composite steel beams, and includes a step-by-step procedure for checking, proportioning, and detailing beam web openings and reinforcement.Design Guide 4: Extended End-Plate Moment Connections, 2nd Edition This second edition now addresses seismic and wind applications. It includes design procedures and exam- ples for the four-bolt extended stiffened and unstiffened, as well as the eight-bolt extended stiffened, end-plate moment connections. Users will find that the guide contains a clarified design approach to seismic end-plate connection design compared to the recommenda- tions found in FEMA 350. The basis for each design recommendation is outlined in detail and presented as a step-by-step procedure. Connection limit states are discussed in the guide to help designers understand the principles behind the behavior of extended end-plate moment connections.Design Guide 6: Load and Resistance Factor Design of W-Shapes Encased in Concrete Design Guide 6 contains more than 300 pages of LRFD composite beam-column design strength values. In addition, a thorough discussion of the use and design of composite columns is pre- sented, covering practical design consid- erations, fire resistance, longitudinal rein- forcing bar arrangement, ties, longitudinal reinforcing bar splices, con- nection of steel beams to encased wide- flange columns, shear connectors, base plates, erection, and temporary wind bracing during composite frame con- struction. AISC Design Guides-steelwise  pdf download.

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